A CHRISTIAN WOMAN’S TEAR (#campamentoIrak: Yo Soy Nazareno, 24)

Publico en inglés, gracias a la traducción de Cecilia Real Rodríguez (delegada DAV en Ávila), este artículo que escribí hace unas semanas. Espero que así, nuestros hermanos de Irak, puedan acceder mejor a él. A Mayor Gloria de Dios. 

“By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept”. (Psalm 137)Waffaa

When you see someone crying, you are usually deeply touched. Even more, when that person is a beautiful woman. And yet even more when she is a Christian who is prosecuted because of her faith and who is far away from her homeland. This is Waffaa, a woman of faith…

#CampamentoIrak, a courageus initiative of MásLibres.org, which we have so attentively followed from MásLibres Cádiz, has recorded the story of this exemplary Christian woman.

Waffaa is a young Christian refugee, a Christian from Qaraqosh (Iraq). Her case, which could well be the one of the thousands of refugees in the same situation, shows that the drama of the religious minorities who fled from the Islamic State is not just a material question, nor can it be solved by offering them asylum in other countries.

She declares she doesn’t want to emigrate, to come to Europe. And she could: she is a proficient English translator. She has options, she has culture. And she only wants to go back home. To work there. To get her country back on its feet. To live her faith in freedom in Iraq.

All refugees agree that Western countries must stop the war and help them go back home, to their land, to their houses, to their churches. But many still take no notice of them.

We have been through terrible times, and I thank God that I have been able to reach Sulaymaniyah, says Waffaa, who is at present living in a monastery where hundreds of families are lodged together with their children. I don’t want to be away from my family. Together we are stronger.

All our memories are there, we need to get back, continues our young Waffaa. Like a new Israel. The Christian people from the Middle East have been sent into exile by a tyrant, the ISIS, which kills and destroys.

I am tired, very tired, because material needs are not the only ones besetting these people. Their utmost suffering comes mainly from homesickness. From the unease due to the break. Hundreds of kilometres away from their homes. A very strong pain which Waffaa explains in this brief testimony. A pain in the chest…

This is the life of refugees, she tells us. It is hard, very hard for us all… Shared bathrooms. Pieces of fabric instead of walls. A common dining room. Children without a school. Grown-ups without a job. I want to go back to my own room, to my church, to my land, to my street… I do not want to leave Iraq because I love my country.

I know our belongings and our houses will have been looted, this admirable woman admits bravely, but we will start a new life without anything. Amazing, isn’t it? We will get our towns and cities back on their feet. 

They are the new people of Israel.

Waffaa confesses:

I would like to tell everybody that I thank God because the ISIS has not murdered our women, children and men. And for all the moments we have lived here (in the monastery). May God save us from those monsters. 

A real proclamation of faith, with Christian discernment, with mature faith. A faith confession… In the middle of suffering. In the deep sorrow of her tears, not only the ones shed from her eyes, but also from her heart.

Those tears are shed like those of Mary were. Mary, who was exiled for love of God, who lived out of her home, who was left alone. The Mother of these people who are errant again. Mary, the beautiful woman from Galilee, is mother and help of beautiful Waffaa who, in turn, in the beauty of her weeping, is Mary. She is, without knowing it, the whole Church. The one suffering with Jesus, the Messiah, the Saviour King, head of the body.

This is the mystery of Waffaa and her tear. The mystery of human suffering and of suffering because of faith.

This has been experienced by the volunteers of #CampamentoIrak. They are their witnesses.

Praise be to God, King of martyrs.




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